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TanaFlows strives to create connections with experts in the field and always wants to expand the connection portal. This is not only a place to share professional knowledge but also a place for you to build your personal brand through contributing valuable articles to the large TanaFlows community.

Each article posted on our website will be  moderated before posting according to the following quality standards and basic principles:

Why should you connect with TanaFlows?

We, content creators and community builders, always respect and appreciate each relationship. We want to connect with people with similar passions and goals.

If you want to share your writing or your expertise, connect with us. We will build a meaningful relationship with you to grow together.

In addition, you will have the following direct benefits:

  1. All information about the author (website, social network accounts,...) will be fully displayed so readers can follow you and connect with you.
  2. You can embed your site registration form directly into the article (if using ghost) to help you increase subscribers.
  3. The article is displayed on the homepage for a period of time (if no one subscribes to the new article, your article will be on our homepage forever, we limit the display to a maximum of 3 articles on the homepage).
  4. We build content continuously, which will indirectly drive increasing traffic to your site. As long as you have quality content and your readers are your judges.
  5. Your website will be displayed on our Friends Show Case page in the near future (coming soon). This is a page dedicated to linking TanaFlows authors.

How to write to connect with TanaFlows?

1. Fill out the registration form
2. Get a TanaFlows author account
3. Write your share
4. TanaFlows completion notification
5. Article is moderated and published on TanaFlows

After you submit your application, you will wait for a response from TanaFlows notifying you to receive  your TanaFlows author account.

TanaFlows reserves the right to refuse or contact you further if the information you provide is insufficient or needs further verification.

The moderation process is a necessary step to ensure safety and quality for readers as well as submitting authors.

We appreciate your patience and understand that minor errors may occur during this process. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!

TanaFlows principles

You should not:

You should:

Frequently asked questions

Is SEO a problem?

Absolutely not. To make it easier for you to publish, SEO is not a problem, you can write as you wish. Of course, knowing SEO is an advantage because your articles will reach a better audience.

Can I re-post the article to my site?

This is your intellectual property and it should be meant to be. You can re-post to your site with the canonical URL, it will not affect the SEO of the article you post on TanaFlows.