Unlock the second brain with Tana
Unlock the second brain with Tana

Unlock the second brain with Tana

Guide to Building Your Second Brain with Tana for Beginners

Tana is a new smart note-taking app launched in 2022 that has created a strong craze in the personal knowledge market.

Tana helps record, organize, and connect creative and efficient information over the Internet across multiple platforms.

Let's take a look at 9 outstanding features and actual Tana use cases with TanaFlows!

What is Tana note app?

Tana is an innovative and effective tool for recording, organizing, and connecting information. Tana is designed for individuals and teams who want to think, learn and work flexibly and intelligently.

Tana combines the best features from apps like Notion, Roam, and Airtable, and integrates artificial intelligence technology to help you do more faster.

Tana is an all-in-one work platform that allows you to switch between freelance ideas, collaboration, and structured data with ease.

Developed by Tana.inc, this application combines artificial intelligence technology (Tana AI) and Knowledge graph to create a flexible environment, help users work more efficiently and improve the ability to organize work.

9 outstanding features of Tana

Here are the outstanding and distinctive features of Tana

1. Supertags

It is a unique and powerful feature of Tana that helps you create and use templates for Nodes. You can use Super Cards to represent and connect objects ranging from simple notes to projects, people, books, and more.

Super tags help you manage, search and retrieve information efficiently, flexibly and diversely, and create an interactive database on any page.

2. Tana AI

Help you do more faster with the help of the world's most advanced AI. Leverage the power of the world's most complex language models, directly inside Tana.


Tana AI

Let AI handle tedious tasks, overcome writing difficulties, and automate tasks so you can focus on what you do best. Tana was built for AI from day one.

3. Daily page

is a nifty feature of Tana that helps you record what you do and learn each day on a simple and clean page.

You can add different content to your day page, like tasks, notes, files, links, etc., and connect them to nodes in your database. The date page helps you track your thoughts and ideas over time easily and effectively.

4. Knowledge graph

Allows you to represent any piece of information—whether a task, a note, a file, or a person—as a button in a Knowledge Graph.

The buttons are connected to each other by two-way links, making it easy to find and access information from anywhere. Turning your information into a smart search engine like Google helps you quickly retrieve and publish your information, turning it into money.

5. Outline editor

Allows you to create and edit text in a hierarchical structure (Collapse and expand paragraphs: You can collapse and expand indented paragraphs to hide or display information), with rich editing tools such as bold, italic, underline, images, links, and tables.

6. Search nodes

Allows you to create queries to search for nodes by different criteria, like tags, fields, dates, etc. You can save search buttons and use them as filters to see other buttons.

7. Quick Data Entry (Tana Capture)

Allows you to quickly record what you are watching on the screen, like a web page, a video, an image, scan text, record voice etc. and save it to Tana. Tana Capture also works even without an internet connection.

8. Tana Publish Pages

Allows you to publish your pages on Tana into professional websites, with customization options such as layout, colors, etc. Soon we can also domain name for this page.


Allows you to view buttons in different ways, like lists, tables, calendars, charts, etc. You can switch between different views flexibly and customize them to your liking.

Who is Tana for? What is the actual use case of Tana?

TanaFlows would like to share with you about Tana - a smart note-taking app integrated with artificial intelligence, which can be applied in a variety of use cases, helping individuals, teams and businesses leverage their potential effectively.

Here are some specific use cases:

  1. Tana for Personal: Tana helps you organize and manage your life, from daily tasks, notes, personal projects, to long-term goals. You can use Tana to:
    • Store and access your information easily and quickly.
    • Study and improve your knowledge with learning aids like flashcards, mind maps, and more.
    • Launch and manage your business with project management tools, finance, clients, and more.
    • Learn and work more effectively with the help of AI.
  1. Tana for teams: Tana helps you collaborate and work with your colleagues, customers, and partners, from small projects, presentations, blueprints, to large products. You can use Tana to:
    • Create and share high-quality content with authoring, editing, and publishing tools.
    • Design and develop great products with design, programming and testing tools.
    • Manage and track your projects and tasks with planning, assigning and tracking tools.
    • Start your business and grow your business with financial management tools, clients, HR, and more.
  1. Tana is also for business, especially tech and creative businesses. Tana helps you manage and optimize the processes, data and content of your business, from different departments, projects, customers, to products. You can use Tana to:
    • Create and share web pages, reports, documents, and more with professional and flexible publishing tools.
    • Set and track the goals, strategies, plans and budgets of your business with management and analysis tools.
    • Support and interact with your customers and partners with CRM tools, email, chat, and more.
    • Enhance collaboration and communication between your employees, teams, and departments with conversation, commenting, notification, and more tools.
    • Enhance the productivity and quality of your work with the help of AI, from writing text, code, poetry, to creating tables, charts, calendars, and more.
  1. Tana is also a great fit for small businesses, especially those with customer management (CRM) needs. Tana helps you create and maintain relationships with your potential and existing customers, from gathering contact information, tracking deals, sending emails, chatting, to analyzing and improving sales performance. You can use Tana to:
    • Create and manage an intuitive and flexible customer database, with custom fields for information such as name, email, phone, company, location, source, status, and more.
    • Create and track transactions with clients, and view them on a dashboard or a calendar. You can add dates, notes, attachments, and follow-up actions for each transaction.
    • Send and receive emails and chat with customers directly from Tana, and save your communication history. You can use Tana's AI to write faster and better emails, or to automate scripted emails.
    • Analyze and improve your sales efficiency with reporting tools and charts. You can view metrics like revenue, conversion rates, sales cycles, etc. and compare them by time, channel, employee, etc.

Learn about Tana.inc

Tana.inc is a Tana app development company, founded by Tarjei M. Vassbotn (CEO), Grim H. Iversen (CTO), and Olav S. Kriken (COO). Tana was founded in 2020 based in Oslo, Norway.

Tana's mission and vision is to improve the way people, teams, and computers work together. Through leveraging technologies and artificial intelligence, creating a more flexible and powerful work environment.

  • Tana's team comes from many leading technology companies and dynamic startups around the world.
  • Tana also has advisors and investment partners from various countries.

Tana is a Sami word meaning big river, and is actually the name of two major rivers: one in northern Norway and one in Kenya. The name refers to information flows.

Tana (Norway) - Wikipedia

Tana grows community-based

While Tana is still in the Alpha phase, which restricts users through invitations, it has grown extremely quickly (100k people on the waiting list) Nearly 17k people are in Tana's official slack community, with a very special community.

You can access the Slack community here.

Tana also has 1 community on Reddit, which you can join here.

Tana also has ambassador programs (Tana Ambassadors)

  • Tana Ambassadors: Tana Ambassadors are Tana's great explorers and Community Guides. They are independent content creators who work with Tana.
  • Tana Navigators: These are Tana's most active and helpful community members. Tana's Navigator program celebrates their expertise, generosity, and curiosity to learn and explore Tana with others in the community.

Hopefully, this information will be useful to you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments!


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